What links Village People with Tammy Wynette and Billy Connolly? The Saturday quiz

From a film star to a fang blenny, test your knowledge with the Saturday quiz

1 Which film star might be found at SE7 TW5?
2 Which Ken Welsh travel book inspired a sci-fi classic?
3 What does a barium meal precede?
4 Which protest movement began at the University of Cape Town?
5 Who is the only British swimmer to retain an Olympic title?
6 Which canine travelled with Jones, Blake, Dinkley and Rogers?
7 Which German city was the “Queen of the Hansa”?
8 The British Gazette newspaper was published during what crisis?
What links:
Stargazer; lionfish; reef stonefish; fang blenny?
10 Peter Ustinov; Christopher Biggins; Anthony Andrews; Michael Sheen?
11 Banchan; chimaek; hallyu; kimbap; mukbang?
12 Westminster airport; Trafalgar Square ziggurat; Regent Street monorail?
13 Trump (June); George W Bush (July); Clinton (August)?
14 18th-century dandy; crested penguin; tubular pasta?
15 Tammy Wynette and Billy Connolly; Village People; Ottawan?

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