When is it worth making a consumer complaint? | Kat George

In a perfect world, all sectors would have official dispute resolution schemes. Unfortunately that is not the case in Australia

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As a consumer, it’s likely that you’ve bought something that didn’t function the way it was supposed to. A piece of clothing that ripped at the seams after two wears. A faulty appliance. A flight that was delayed so many times you missed your holiday. An unexplained charge on your phone bill.

It’s happened to all of us, and for most of us the thought of raising a complaint also raises anxieties. Making a consumer complaint can be as easy as writing an email to the company that aggrieved you, which results in a prompt response and obliging solution. Or it can be a taxing and convoluted string of phone calls, live chats, social media DMs – a part-time job’s worth of communications lasting months – just to get a half-baked apology and little in the way of compensation.

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