Which spirit is made from the blue agave plant? The Saturday quiz

From a New York punk club to a London police box, test your knowledge with the Saturday quiz

1 Who won the Booker prize with her first and only novel?
2 Which national flag features five red crosses?
3 Which grandson of Mary Queen of Scots shared her fate?
4 Wheeltappers worked in which industry?
5 Which Bowery club was the epicentre of New York punk?
6 Which spirit is made from the blue agave plant?
7 “Don’t clap too hard, it’s a very old building” is a line from which play?
8 Which college was founded as the Government School of Design?
What links:
9 Walter Raleigh; HG Wells; Arnold Toynbee; EH Gombrich?
10 Uneven bars and balance beam (artistic); all events (rhythmic)?
11 Sky candle; bone house; wave swine; whale road?
12 Ronnie Carroll; Cliff Richard; Cheryl Baker; Sally Ann Triplett?
13 Heather, M People; Jon, C4 News; Jon, Big Brother 4; Mark, Kingsman actor?
14 Édouard de Laboulaye; Frédéric Bartholdi; Gustave Eiffel?
15 Phone booth; hot tub; police box; DMC-12 car?

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