Which UK charity is named after a New York bar? The Saturday quiz

From plague rats to Peter the Great, test your knowledge with the Saturday quiz

1 Which singer songwriter is known as the “mother of the MP3”?
2 What is the largest arboreal mammal?
3 Sandra Mason is the first president of which country?
4 Which UK charity is named after a New York bar?
5 In global investment, what is a SWF?
6 Which monarch had a 325-volume stamp collection?
7 Which Lloyd Webber musical borrowed a title from Elgar?
8 The sports paper L’Auto founded which race?
What links:
Abertawe; Caerdydd; Casnewydd; Llanelwy; Tyddewi?
10 Hudson; Crichton; Pennyworth; Carson?
11 Betelgeuse; Peter the Great; plague rodents; music, dance etc?
12 Aspartame; isomalt; lactitol; steviol glycoside?
13 Thyssen-Bornemisza; Reina Sofia; Prado?
14 Canton; charge; field; fimbriation; fly, hoist?
15 Little Albert; Asch Conformity; Stanford Prison; Milgram?

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