Which writer’s daughter was Princess Diana’s stepmother? The Saturday quiz

From insects to Pacific coastlines, test your knowledge with the Saturday quiz

1 Six Nobel prizes have involved research into which insects?
2 Where did Changeover Day take place on 14 February, 1966?
3 What was carried by Simon from Cyrene?
4 Which writer’s daughter was Princess Diana’s stepmother?
5 Which South American country has Atlantic and Pacific coastlines?
6 Stan Campbell sang which 1980s protest song?
7 What claims to be the world’s first fully vegan football club?
8 Where did liberty horses perform?
What links:
9 Milos, Greece; Arles, France; Willendorf, Austria?
10 Mercury; Rodgers; Lambert?
11 Margaret of Anjou & Elizabeth Woodville; Lucy Cavendish; Elizabeth Hughes?
12 Roll hoop; halo; Hans device?
13 Founder of Moscow; first Mr Men character; 1976 Kenner action doll?
14 Lusitania; Aquitania; Dacia; Belgica; Britannia?
15 Jennet Humfrye; Johnny Cash; Gary Player; Jonah Lomu?

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