Why do I forget the books I’ve read? We ask an expert

Dr Sean Kang, a cognitive psychologist, says the information is still there, but it’s tucked away in long-term memory

Ever thought about a book you’ve read, and had no recollection of the plot? Or followed a recommendation to watch a TV show, only to find you’ve already seen it? We live in an age of mass content, with TV, books and films consumed at some of the highest levels in recent years. Could this be wreaking havoc with our ability to remember them? I asked Dr Sean Kang, a cognitive psychologist who specialises in memory: why do I keep forgetting the books I’ve read?

I did English at uni and it’s embarrassing how often a former classmate will mention a book I have no recollection of. My theory is it’s because I’m a journalist, and dealing with words all day is doing something to my brain.
Interesting intuition! One of the prominent theories of why we forget is interference. I’m going to assume you have read many other books?

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