Will Young: ‘I love my dog. I love cleaning. I love singing…’

These are a few of my favourite things, says singer Will Young

I was fairly introverted as a child. My earliest memory is knowing where the chocolate digestives were in the cupboard and thinking: “I’m having those biscuits…” I was a toddler; there’s photo evidence of me going for them. I was determined at a young age – particularly when it came to chocolate.

When I think of my childhood, the first thing that comes to mind is nature and being outside a lot. Helping my dad in the garden, having sword fights… an innocent, quite traditional, country upbringing. We had an old farm and lots of animals – ducks, chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats. We were always rescuing ducklings that couldn’t float. We would put them in the warming oven to get them feeling better and they’d swim in the sink.

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