You hate your job – what next? The two writers exploring toxic productivity

Out of Office, a book by Charlie Warzel and Ann Helen Petersen, explores the toxicity of productivity culture and why now is the best moment for change

Ever wonder why, with every new piece of so-called productivity enhancing technology we adopt, we just end up with more, not less work? Slack was supposed to get rid of email – only now we find time to email and reply to our co-workers on Slack. Email was supposed to free us from reading through lengthy paper documents everyday, but we now email ourselves the pdfs home to read in the quiet hours after work. And smart phones? Don’t even get me started. A lot of us find ourselves replying to our bosses on the bus, while putting our kids to sleep, or even, God forbid, on the toilet.

Out of Office, a new book by journalists Charlie Wartzel and Ann Helen Petersen, explores why productivity culture has been so successful at making us working more, not less. And with millions either quitting their jobs or having to work from home, they ask how we can capitalize on this moment for the good of workers, not our bosses.

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